Grundfos supports goal 6 & 13 at the Women’s Handball World Championship 2017


In handball, some goals are more important than others. That is especially true for the 2017 Women’s Handball World Championship in Germany, where Grundfos as an official IHF sponsor puts extra focus on two specific goals in each game – goal 6 and 13.

The UN has defined 17 goals for global sustainable development. As one of the world's biggest manufacturers of pumping solutions, Grundfos particularly cares about two specific goals: goal 6 and goal 13. At this year's Women's Handball World Championship, we've decided to create special attention on these two goals. Goal 6 focuses on providing clean water for all, and goal 13 focuses on combatting climate change.

Grundfos Goal 6 en 13
Grundfos supports clean water for all and combatting climate change