Water pressure boosting

Little or no water pressure in taps and showers? You can now eliminate that problem for your customers and put an instant smile on their face. Our range of premium booster pumps effortlessly provides perfect water pressure in houses of any size – even when the kitchen tap is running and the car is being used outside while someone is taking a shower, all at the same time.

Perfect water pressure – for up to 3 floors and 8 taps

When you choose the SCALA2, you choose true comfort for your customers. Perfect pressure at all times and no drastic temperature changes when the toilet is flushed while someone is in the shower. And the low-noise booster pump will put a smile on your face too. SCALA2 is really easy to install and fits all domestic applications so you need to know only one product in-depth.

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Find out how to install the SCALA2 in three basic steps: Preparation, installation and set-up

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