CRN MAGdrive

The zero-leakage, custom-built pump with magnetic drive is recommended for the pumping of hazardous or aggressive liquids. Grundfos MAGdrive protects the surrounding environment and the people working in the vicinity of the pump. In the Grundfos MAGdrive pump, the power from the motor is transmitted to the pump shaft by means of magnetic force instead of by a traditional coupling. The magnetic field is generated by two magnets; the outer magnet is driven by the motor and the inner magnet is connected to the pump. Due to power loss, the MAGdrive is cooled by the pumped liquid. As all axial forces are absorbed in the MAGdrive, a standard motor with key hole must be used.  



  • Aggressive or corrosive liquids
  • Toxic liquids
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Refrigerants


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